IR Sensor Switch 500W 4-9cm
Price : $11.55

Remark:It not only intelligently switches all kinds of lamps and lanterns, but also controls electrical equipment in the range of specified voltage and current.

Product Name:IR Sensor Switch 500W, Infrared Sensor Switch 500W, Motion Sensor Switch


JHL-H201: When you touch it (or move hand), the lamps will turn on.Touch it ( or move hand )again, the lamps will turn off.(please see the picture below)  

JHL-H211:Used inside of the cupboard. When you open the door, the lamps will turn on. When you close the door, the lamps will turn off.(Please see the picture below)


Detection range:4-9cm is recommended

Power:Max 500W

Sensor Switch, IP 20            

Input Voltage:85-250V   50/60Hz      

Output Voltage:85-250V

Detection Range:4-9cm.    

Rated Power: 500W

Product Size:100*42*21.5mm

Applications:  energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp and other kinds of loads

Easy to install and simple to use

Package Included:

1x Automatic IR motion sensor switch


Suitable wattages for different lights:

For Incandescent lamps/fluorescent lamps/halogen lamps , max.500w.

For LED lamps, max.150w.